ClimateWorks welcomes resumption of Ministerial Forum on Vehicle Emissions

ClimateWorks Australia today welcomed the resumption of the federal government’s Ministerial Forum on Vehicle Emissions, and the proposal to release three regulatory impact statements by the end of the year for public consultation. ClimateWorks Head of Implementation, Scott Ferraro said the forum was important for progressing the introduction of light vehicle CO2 emissions standards in Australia.

“ClimateWorks has been calling for the introduction of best practice standards for new light vehicles for some time and we are pleased this forum has been reconvened to continue this valuable work,” he said. “Our analysis looked at best practice standards for new light vehicles (passenger and light-commercial), equivalent to a performance target of 130gCO2/km in 2020 and 95gCO2/km in 2025.  

“This is approximately a 50 per cent improvement by 2025, based on the average performance of an average new light vehicle in Australia in 2015 of 184 gCO2/km.” Mr Ferraro said Australia is one of the few remaining developed countries without light vehicle CO2 emission standards in place, with standards covering over 80 per cent of the global automotive market.

“Best practice vehicle emission standards can help Australia meet its emissions reductions and energy productivity targets while providing financial savings to motorists and improving national fuel security,” Mr Ferraro said. 

“Our research shows that with best practice vehicle emission standards in place, by 2025 the average vehicle owner driving 14,000 kilometres a year would achieve fuel savings of up to $850 a year, while a fleet driver averaging about 20,000 kilometres a year would save up to $1,200 a year on fuel costs. “Even taking account of rising fuel prices, this would see the average driver pay less per year for fuel in 2020 than they do today.”

Mr Ferraro said the best practice light vehicle CO2 emission standards and relevant complementary measures must be designed with a focus on maximising financial savings for vehicle owners, improved energy security, and least cost emissions reductions. 

“The conditions are now optimal for Australia to set the policy and program framework for the improvement of light vehicle fuel economy and set us on the path towards lower and ultimately zero emissions light vehicles in Australia,” he said.

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*ClimateWorks Australia is an independent not-for-profit organisation, founded by the Myer Foundation and Monash University. Its mission is to catalyse action to substantially reduce Australia’s greenhouse emissions, through research and collaboration to drive implementation.